How To Repair A Hiblow Septic Aerator – Hiblow HP 80 Rebuild Kit

Rebuild A Hiblow Aerator

If your Hiblow aerator has stopped working you may not need to buy a new one. Most of the time when a Hiblow stops working its the result of broken diaphragms. Hiblow designed there aerators so that if the diaphragms break it will not cause further damage to your aerator.

This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of repairing a hiblow aerator using a rebuild kit. In this demonstration we will be using a Hiblow HP 80 & a Hiblow HP 80 Rebuild Kit, however the process is the same and will work for all Hiblow aerators.

Gather all needed supplies.

You will need all the following to compleate the task.

  • Your broken aerator
  • The correct rebuild kit for your aerator
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • A 7mm or 1/4″ wrench
  • A Flathead screwdriver

Use the chart bellow to make sure you buy the correct rebuild kit for your aerator.

Your Aerator Rebuild Kit
HP 30 HP 30 Rebuild Kit
HP 40 HP 40 Rebuild Kit
HP 60 HP 60 Rebuild Kit
HP 80 HP 80 Rebuild Kit
HP 100 HP 100 Rebuild Kit
HP 100 LL HP 100 LL Rebuild Kit
HP 120 HP 120 Rebuild Kit
HP 120 LL HP 120 LL Rebuild Kit
HP 150 HP 150 Rebuild Kit
HP 200 HP 200 Rebuild Kit

STEP 1: Gather Your Tools & Parts

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 2: Remove 4 Bolts

Locate and remove the 4 bolts on the outside edge of the aerator. You will need the Phillips head screwdriver for this.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorDSCF0260STEP 3: Remove Top Cover

Remove the green top cover from the base. This will reveal the insides of the aerator.

NOTE: The first time this is done it can be quite difficult. If needed use a Flathead screwdriver to pry the cover off.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 4: Remove Filter

Remove the rectangular cloth like filter that is wrapped around the unit.

NOTE: This can be very snug be careful not to rip the filter.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 5: Detach Rubber L-Tubes From Mounts.

Next detach the L shaped rubber tubes from the mounts. You only need to detach the top part (as pictured below). You do not need to detach it from the base.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorRebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 6: Remove 4 Screws

Remove 4 screws on the corners of the mounts to allow you to remove the mounts and the diaphragms.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorRebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 7: Remove Mounting Blocks

Remove mounting blocks, revealing the diaphragms.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 8: Remove Nut

Remove the nut holding the diaphragms on. Use the 7MM or 1/4″ wrench.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorRebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 9: Remove Diaphragms

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 10: Put New Diaphragms On

Put the new diaphragms on where the old ones used to be.

Replace nut.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 11: Put On New Mounting Blocks

If you bought the complete kit put the new mounting blocks on. If you bought the diaphragm only kit put the old mounting blocks back on.

Screw in the the mounting blocks with the 4 screws.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 12: Put Rubber L Tubes Back On

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 13: Put Rectangular Filter Back On

Rebuild Hiblow Aerator

STEP 14: Remove Safety Screw

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorRebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 15: Put New Safety Screw In

Put new safety screw in.

Put the plastic nut on.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorDSCF0272STEP 16: Tighten Safety Screw

Tighten Hiblow safety screw until the 2 metal plates touch.

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorSTEP 17: Put Hiblow Cover Back On

Rebuild Hiblow AeratorDone

You have successfully repaired your Hiblow Aerator. You aerator should now run with no problems.

You can also view the Hiblow Maintenance Video here