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Shaft Style Septic Aerators - Jet/Norweco Replacements

We offer 2 brands of alternative OEM replacement shaft aerators. Flagg Air and Alpha Air. Both brands have a unit designed for the Jet systems and a unit designed for the Norweco Singulair systems. Below is a brief comparison of the Alpha Air and Flagg Air units. 

Alpha Air - Shaft Aerator Flagg-Air - Shaft Aerator


Flagg-Air: 2 Year Warranty. Flagg Air is the original alternative shaft aerator, Flagg-Air has been making high quality shaft aerators since 1992. Its design is very similar to the OEM product. The Flagg Air unit is MADE IN THE USA, and uses a Baldor motor that is made in the USA. The Flagg-Air features a handle making it easier to position the aerator in the tank. If you’re looking for a premium aerator from a trusted brand, the Flagg-Air may be the aerator for you.

Alpha Air: 1 Year Warranty. The Alpha Air aerators have been designed from the ground up to be a high quality shaft aerator at a low price. Our redesigned aerodynamic aspirator tip reduces strain on the motor contributing to longer motor life. The suds deflector is shaped in a way to reduce drag on the motor. The brackets are designed to simplify assembly as much as possible. The Alpha Air uses a Marathon motor that is assembled in Mexico.

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