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Tuf-Tite Complete Riser System (CRS) - 20x14

Tuf-Tite Complete Riser System (CRS) - 20x14

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Number of reviews : 53
Average rating : 4.8 /5
G. Christopher
  the 03/06/2021
5/ 5
does the job
K. Frank
  the 13/05/2021
5/ 5
Very well made riser and the kit was complete. It really solves a problem and will pay for itself going forward.
P. Robert
  the 29/04/2021
5/ 5
Good value for the money.
S. George
  the 16/08/2020
5/ 5
I was going to have my septic company supply and install a 12" riser for a cost of $250.00. I waited 2 weeks and they never called me back so I started searching on line. Checked Home Depot and that would have cost me about $300+ for the parts. I then searched and found TG Wastwater and they had the entire kit for $156.00 (tax included). Product was the correct item, everything to include masonry drill bit and phillips bit. Installed in about 20 minutes and will never have to dig again looking for the tank cover. Great product and I would recommend to anyone that hates dining the tank cover every few years.
W. Pauline
  the 09/05/2020
5/ 5
Very pleased.. had ordered before