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Tuf-Tite Complete Riser System (CRS) - 24x14

Tuf-Tite Complete Riser System (CRS) - 24x14

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Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 53
Average rating : 4.7 /5
L. Jonathon
  the 09/11/2019
5/ 5
Product is awesome!
B. William
  the 28/10/2019
3/ 5
Returned, did not use
M. Kevin
  the 02/10/2019
4/ 5
Riser was out of round and hard to fit to base and lid.
F. Jeffrey
  the 26/06/2019
4/ 5
The actual riser, base and lid are legit high quality and durable. I don't see these cracking or warping anytime in the next 30 years. Definitely reusable for the next tank. The kit however is not necessary in my opinion. I was missing one stainless steel screw which was no big deal cause I had similar extras. My tank was made from concrete with a lot of stone in it so I was unable to drill all the holes deep enough for the screws to tighten down all the way making some of them obsolete. No drilling is necessary. The sealer is good quality but you could just as easily use roofing tar/sealer in a caulk gun. The free shipping made buying from TGP worth it.
D. Lawrenc
  the 20/05/2019
5/ 5
Just as described.