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Medo LA-28B Piston Air Pump

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Medo LA-28B Piston Air Pump

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Ideal for liquid mixing (i.e., bubbling) and smaller aquaculture applications, Medo LA-28B is a low noise, energy-efficient, easy-to maintain aerators that needs no lubrication.


Model LA-28B
Power Supply AC 120V,220V,230V,240V
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Operating Pressure Range 0.71 - 2.13 psig
Rated Pressure 0.11kgf/cm2(1.56 psig)
Rated Airflow* 28 LPM (0.99 cfm) or over
Power Consumption 25 W @ 60 Hz
Running Current 0.8 amps
Operating Noise 38 dB Max
Weight 2.8 kg

*When operatted at the rated pressure noted above

  • Highly reliable, unique, die cast piston construction

  • UL-approved for outdoor use

  • Integrated grounded line cord

  • Service life expectancy of 6 years with proper installation and periodic maintenance




  • Life expectancy of 6 years can be seen with proper installation and maintenance of the pump

  • Quiet operation allows the pump to run without disturbing the homeowner as can be the case with rotary vane units.

  • Designed to self-adjust when the pressure exceeds the rated value of the pump, the piston stroke will automatically shorten to reduce the strain on the pump. At the same time, power consumption of the pump will decrease to protect against possible increasing temperatures. This is a definite advantage as diffusers can start to become clogged without the homeowner being aware of it.

  • Self-cooling design draws cooler intake air over the coils reducing the temperature seen on the interior of the pump extending the life of the unit.

  • Easy maintenanceProviding maintenance on the pump is relatively easy with a completely oil-less design and no need for additional lubrication. Along with changing the filter as required, the only component to replace in the pump afte an extensive operating period is the piston.

  • Environmentally conscious design allows the pump to operate with lower energy consumption as it requres only 50-60% of the line currrent typically used by diaphragm pumps.
  • UL-listed for outdoor use
  • Low Noise Level The pumps operate at a very low noise level, about that of a light ballast, as there are no crankshafts, connecting rods or ball bearings to create additional noise.
  • Low power consumption With the piston as the only moving part, frictional losses are diminished which allows for lower starting and running current. Line current requirements are only 50-60% of that typically used by diaphragm pumps.
  • Automatic Pressure Adjustment Designed to self-adjust should the pressure exceed the rated value of the pump, the piston stroke will automatically shorten to reduce the strain on the pump. At the same time, power consumption of the pump will decrease to protect against possible increasing
  • Self-cooling design Air drawn in through the intake valve over the coils reduces the temperature seen in the interior of the pump.


MEDO pumps feature a unique, patent-awarded linear-motor-driven free piston system that is globally proven in the wastewater treatment and aquaculture industries. This unique design theory eliminates the wear components typically found in conventional air compressors and vacuum pumps, such as crank shafts, connecting rods and ball bearings. The only moving part is the piston! Also eliminated is the need for any lubrication. Fewer parts translate into fewer problems.

A silicone diode between the coils converts the alternating current sine wave into a half-rectified input. The result is a pulsating electro-magnetic field energizing the resonant spring-mass (piston). When the electro-magnet is energized, the intake stroke of the piston compresses the return spring and draws air into the cylinder through the inlet valve in the head of the piston. When the electro-magnet is de-energized, the spring releases and the compression stroke of the piston forces the compressed air out of the cylinder through the reed style outlet valve.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Medo
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Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 3
Average rating : 5 /5
T. Toan
  the 16/03/2022
5/ 5
So far (2 weeks) so good. Medo LA-28 is very quiet and the amount of air output is much better than I expected.
A. Anonymous
  the 08/05/2019
5/ 5
Piston air pumps are the way to go.
A. Anonymous
  the 26/10/2017
5/ 5
This is my second LA-28, bought this to replace the old one which has lasted a very long time. Works great!

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