How To Reset The Switch On Gast Linear Air Pumps – DBSM800-1250

Most Linear Air Pumps are designed with some sort of safety mechanism to turn the pump off in the event of diaphragm failure. When the diaphragms break the air pump will experience excessive vibrations. In the Hiblow HP 80 the vibrations cause a plastic safety screw to break, causing a break in connection. The downside of …

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How To Instal Risers On A Septic Tank

Install septic risers

Today we will show you how to instal a riser system on a septic tank. This guide is for those who have a concrete septic tank that does not have risers installed. Installing risers and lids on you septic tank is now required by many states. Installing a riser system can also save you money …

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How To Repair A Hiblow Septic Aerator – Hiblow HP 80 Rebuild Kit

Rebuild Hiblow Aerator

Rebuild A Hiblow Aerator If your Hiblow aerator has stopped working you may not need to buy a new one. Most of the time when a Hiblow stops working its the result of broken diaphragms. Hiblow designed there aerators so that if the diaphragms break it will not cause further damage to your aerator. This …

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How To Change The Filter On A Hiblow Septic Aerator

Change Hiblow Filter 006

Change Filter On A Hiblow Aerator This is a tutorial on how to change the filter on a Hiblow Aerator. In this tutorial we will be using a Hiblow HP 80 for our example. However this same process will work for all the following Hiblow Aerators. Hiblow HP 40 Hiblow HP 60 Hiblow HP 80 …

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Announcement: TGWasteWater Treatments Systems Spin-off

TGWasteWater Treatment Systems Spin-Off We at are excited to announce a some new developments that we have been working on. Currently T.G. Wastewater Treatment Systems LLC has two major functions, we manufacture concrete septic systems for the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as distributing septic tank parts and accessories on The current owners …

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