Announcement: TGWasteWater Treatments Systems Spin-off


TGWasteWater Treatment Systems Spin-Off

We at are excited to announce a some new developments that we have been working on. Currently T.G. Wastewater Treatment Systems LLC has two major functions, we manufacture concrete septic systems for the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as distributing septic tank parts and accessories on The current owners of TGWasteWater have decided to split the company into two separate company’s. TG Wastewater Treatment Systems will continue to manufacture septic tanks and service the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A new company will be formed (TG Online LLC) that will continue the online distribution of septic/aerobic system parts. The company believes this will help better serve its customers and guarantee long term stability for both companies. TGWasteWater wants to stress that this change will not cause any interruption in service and once implemented should increase shipping speeds for all orders placed on

Daniel Bryant – New President/Co-Owner Of TG Online LLC

Daniel Bryant

Daniel Bryant

The owners of TGWasteWater Treatment Systems LLC (Thomas Talbott & Mitchell Gardner) are pleased to announce that they will be bringing on Daniel Bryant (a young entrepreneur from Aledo) to be an owner of the new spin-off company TG Online LLC. Daniel Bryant will be given a 30% stake in the newly formed company and will be the President of TG Online LLC. Daniel Bryant joined TGWasteWater July 15, 2012 and developed the online department in February 2013. Since then Daniel has steadily increased profits of the online department by 10% monthly. TGWasteWater feels confident that the addition of Daniel Bryant as co-owner and president will help the company meet its financial goals.


The current owners of TGWasteWater were asked to comment on the upcoming changes and there responses were as follows.

 Message From TGWasteWater Founders

Mitchell Gardner – Co-Owner/Vice President of TGWasteWater Treatment Systems LLC – “We believe that the separation of the company will help our team better focus on each part of the company. Running two entirely different business models under the same name has become a major headache for the accounting department. We have been preparing for the spin-off for mounts now and are certain the transition will be seamless. I am confident that this is the right decision for the company moving forward. I am very excited about the addition of Daniel Bryant to the ownership. It was his leadership that created the online department, and it was his initiative marketing strategy’s that have helped the department’s revenues grow by over 10% monthly for well over a year. We look forward to his continued contributions to this company.”


Thomas Talbott – Co-Owner/President of TGWasteWater Treatment Systems LLC – “Effective August 1st of 2014 T.G. Waste Water Treatment Systems LLC plans on spinning of the e-commerce retail portion of the company into a separate entity. The new company T.G. Waste Water Online or will operate independently from the manufacturing sector of the business. This restructuring to form the new LLC will allow the e-commerce company greater flexibility and diversity in product availability as well as purchasing. In addition to an improvement in the implementation of product services, TG Online will be able to focus more attention on a stronger more strategic marketing campaign.

In order to achieve these goals a former employee of TG Waste Water’s manufacturing sector will migrate into a new role dedicated solely to e-commerce operations. Daniel Bryant joined the team at TG Waste Water close to two years ago since then he has proven to be a committed and essential part of the company. Mr. Bryant rapidly gained industry and product knowledge through his tenure at TG. This experience combined with an ongoing higher education in computer systems and website development made Mr. Bryant the perfect candidate to lead TG Waste Water into the future of the e-commerce arena. Having already proven his skills by showing an exponential improvement in the previous website’s traffic and design, the decision was made by co-owners Thomas Talbott and Mitchell Gardner to bring Mr. Bryant in as a partner in the new venture.

The documents are in place and should be executed in the coming days to officially announce the formation of TG Waste Water Online. As previously mentioned, Daniel Bryant will head the new company with the title of President and he will be devoted specifically to the web based business. He will be responsible for the day to day operation of the website function and performance. Also he will continue his role to improve SEO, marketing strategy, and streamline product additions and placement. Mr. Bryant will operate as the single dedicated partner to TG Online and will be entitled to one third ownership of the business. Mitchell Gardner will act as Secretary and have a twenty percent stake in the new company. Thomas Talbott will act as Vice President and Chairman and maintain majority control the remaining shares.

T.G. Waste Water Online is excited to bring new possibilities to our customers. We hope to offer new products and services along with our already growing dependable and well recognized line of inventory.”

The changes are set to take place August, 1, 2014