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NSF Approved! Liquid Bleach Chlorinator by LBC Manufacturing

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NSF Approved! Liquid Bleach Chlorinator by LBC Manufacturing

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Never Buy Expensive Septic Chlorine Tablets again!

If you own an aerobic system that requires chlorine tablets you know how expensive and annoying that can be. Aerobic systems require a special type of chlorine tablets that are very expensive. You cannot use cheap "pool chlorine tablets" you must use "septic chlorine tablets". Many retail stores sell a 10 pound bucket of septic chlorine tablets for about $73. A homeowner must drop a new chlorine tablet in there septic system every 7-10 days. This means that a $73 bucket of chlorine would last about 3 months. This costs you about $300 a year.



The Liquid Bleach Chlorinator Saves you money because it uses cheap household bleach.


Stop Spending So Much Time Caring For Your Septic System!

The Liquid Bleach Chlorinator holds about 2 gallons of bleach. This will last you about 2 months. With the Liquid Bleach Chlorinator you no longer have to replace tabblets every 10 days. You only have to pour in more bleach every 60 days.

NSF & ANSI Certified!

The LBC 500 is a proven disinfection device that is certified to NSF/ANSI standard 46 by NSF International. The LBC 500 is listed as a certified chlorine dispenser for secondary effluent disinfection. Certification requires the device to be used with 6% sodium hypochlorite (household bleach)

LBC Manufacturing

LBC Mfg. takes enormous pride in creating disinfection devices for wastewater management that every homeowner can trust and rely on. Whether it is an in-stock product or a custom made device, we want to give you a product that is worry free, cost efficient with less exposure to harmful chemicals as possible.


Installation Instructions

LBC Manufacturing is proud to add the NSF approved Liquid Chlorinator to the market.  The need for an alternate way of chlorination, that is certified to NSF/ANSI standard 46 by NSF INTERNATIONAL , is a necessary step to controlling the quality that all homeowners expect and deserve.
LBC Manufacturing recommends installation by TCEQ licensed and trained installers!

1. Locate the aerobic System Holding/Pump Tank
2. Place the Liquid chlorinator housing on a level undisturbed base. This may be accommplished many ways, just ensure choice location does not allow the chlorinator base to move from its installed position. additionally, the housing lid must be above final installation grade.
3. Obtain 20 linear feet of 4 inch PVC pipe and a 4 inch End Cap
4.Using PVC cleaner and glue, attach 20 feet of 4 inch pipe to the chlorinator housing.
5. Next, glue the 4 inch End Cap to the remaining end of the 20 ft length of pipe
6. Next, locate the poly vinyl tubing and route into the holding/pump tank ( The vinly tubing is flexable and subject to damage from sharp or heavy objects. It is prefferred to install the tubing in a sleeve to help protect from damage.
7. Locate the sprinkler pump plumbing located inside the pump tank. Install the venturi onto the sprinkler pump plumbing. ( Tank Plumbing techniques vary, just ensure the venturi has a water tight seal.  Proper operation of the venturi requires 20 psi from the sprinkler pump)
8.Locate the poly vinyl tubing previously routed into holding/pump tank. Connect the end of the tubing to the venturi suction port.
9. Next, Remove the Chlorinator Housing lid and fill the housing with twelve gallons of 6% Sodium Hypochlorite (Household Bleach)
10. Finally, Engage the sprinkler pump and ensure the Liquid Bleach Chlorinator is visibly moving bleach through the vinyl tubing.
**If bleach is not visibly moving through the poly vinyl tubing, refer to the troubleshooting section.**


Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer LBC Manufacturing
Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 3
Average rating : 3.7 /5
A. Anonymous
  the 29/04/2018
5/ 5
As described. Easy to install.
A. Anonymous
  the 27/07/2015
3/ 5
Has not been installed yet. Did not come with instructions.
A. Anonymous
  the 23/03/2015
3/ 5
Would have been nice to have instructions with product. It works, just overpriced!

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