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Tuf-Tite 4-Hole Distribution Box With Fittings

Tuf-Tite 4-Hole Distribution Box With Fittings
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Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 24
Average rating : 4.8 /5
M. Robert
  the 11/09/2017
5/ 5
Easy to install and seems to be working well.
L. Antonio
  the 25/05/2017
5/ 5
great product and great price!
G. Don
  the 06/05/2017
5/ 5
Sturdy design and came with all fittings needed.
F. Dale
  the 30/04/2017
5/ 5
What I expected
B. David
  the 22/04/2017
4/ 5
Sturdy. Came with all necessary seals so ordering was simple. My installation put the D-box 4 feet below grade in an existing large concrete access box with a surface lid. So the D-box needed to be vapor tight and absolutely liquid tight. The quality of the boxe's holes's surfaces left me with some doubt as to the reliability of being totally leak free. So I used some fine sandpaper to clean up the slight roughness, then put a bead of silicone adhesive on the seal seats just prior to installation in the box and let it sit for 24 hours. Since fixing a leak once the box was put into service would be difficult to impossible if the seals did not seat tightly against the pipe (something I've experienced with precaster's D-boxes) I decided to also use silicone adhesive on the pipe to seal joint encasing that joint in a good sized sized bead of silicone. One last after-purchase change was a bead of rope caulk under the lid to seal, but not permanently affix the lid to the carcass of the D-box. After putting the box into service I have absolutely tight seals and no smell in the access box. This box was the best design I've seen in a D-box so far and despite my reservations of it's ability to seal without any of my helping silicone I would recommend you order enough ahead of time to test the seals prior to installation. I plan to order another one just to have time to test it "on the bench" so I will be able to answer this for myself before installing another one in two months.