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Tuf-Tite 4-Hole Distribution Box With Fittings

Tuf-Tite 4-Hole Distribution Box With Fittings

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Average rating : 4.5 /5
E. Jason
  the 17/09/2022
2/ 5
Product works fine tg wastewater well I still don't have my d box after a month. Haven't even shipped it yet. They done this to me last time and I thought it was a fluke so I tried them again. No better than the first time. They won't reach out to you or nothing. Have to fight them thru PayPal to get some of my money back. Still supposed to ship my d box but haven't over 1 month later. If it is a week or so like you advertised to get shipped and you can't ship it quit advertising it that way. I'm not as concerned about my money being tied up as I am just not getting what I order in a time frame that they advertise. Poor business practices is the best way to sum it up.
  the 11/03/2022
1/ 5
never recieved it
W. Todd
  the 30/12/2021
5/ 5
I haven't installed it yet. But the gaskets and plugs fit as they should
A. Anonymous
  the 21/11/2021
1/ 5
I have a month that I ordered this part and I paid fast shipping and time that has not arrived
A. Anonymous
  the 28/10/2021
5/ 5