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Secoh EL-80-15-AL - With Attached Alarm

Secoh EL-80-15-AL - With Attached Alarm

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The Secoh EL-80-15-AL is the same as the Secoh EL-80-15 except the EL-80-15-AL includes and attached alarm. The attached alarm is designed to sense when your aerators pressure drops below 1psi. When that happens it turns on a red light located on the top of the alarm, as well as an audible buzzer. This feature is to help notify the owner that the air pump need attention and possibly replacement.




  • Air Flow: 80LPM or 2.83 CFM (4.23 CFM Open Flow)
  • Power Consumption: 61W
  • Noise Level: 40db
  • Rated Pressure: 2.1 PSI
  • Voltage: 115 VAC
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Net Weight: 18.7 lbs

The operating principle of an electromagnetic oscillation is well known for its excellent efficiency! The electrical energy is not used up by mechanical friction in crank assemblies, sliding parts or bearings, but is directly utilized for pump movement via the membranes. Lubricants are not necessary and are not to be found either in the linear drive or in the pump chamber. This means absolute oil-free operation.

Integrated overload protection
SLL series diaphragm pumps are supplied with a thermal overload protection. The contact breaks when the temperature of the windings reaches hazard value of the probe at 130°C. After the coil has cooled down below 120°C, the blowers starts again automatically.

Long life expectancy
Motor and pump parts are combined in one single construction. The compact and light construction form and the simple mechanism guarantee a long and reliable period of operation.

High degree of efficiency
The principle of electromagnetic oscillation, which practically has no mechanical friction, minimises power consumption and provides a high degree of efficiency.

Low noise level
The soundproof casing and the muffler integrated in the tank base reduce operating noise.

Low vibration
Motor and pump parts are separated by a vibration-isolating rubber, so only low vibration consists.

Completely oil-free
The oil-free operation guarantees a dry and unadulterated air flow.

Pulsation-free air flow
Specially formed pump chambers and the muffler integrated in the tank base provide an air flow, which is practically pulsation-free.

EL series diaphragm pumps are waterproof and weatherproof. However, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Universal service kits
For each model series service kits are available. They are vacuum-packed in aluminium foil for a better and longer shelf life.


  • Water treatment and environmental technology
  • Aquaculture
  • Medical and health technology
  • Aeration of fuel cell stacks
  • Aqua-air-lights and design pillars
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Secoh
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