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Tuf-Tite Complete Riser System (CRS) - 16x14

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Tuf-Tite Complete Riser System (CRS) - 16x14

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This Tuf-Tite 16x14 Complete Riser System includes everything needed to install a riser on your concrete septic tank. The Complete Riser System (CRS) makes it easy for our customers to get the Tuf-Tite products they need. Now you can purchase a single item that includes some of our most popular riser set-ups. Our Complete Riser Systems will work for MOST concrete septic systems. All you need to do is select the correct CRS for your system.

Please see below for information on how to select the correct Complete Riser System (CRS) for your needs.



Tuf-Tite Complete Riser System (CRS) - 16x14

How to choose the correct Complete Riser System.

All Complete Riser Systems are designated by 2 numbers (Such as 20x8 or 24x26). The 1st number is the diameter of the riser the 2nd number is the height of the riser system.

Step 1: Choosing the diameter

The diameter you need depends of the acess hole on your tank. You will want to measure the access hole at its widest point. Please use the chart below to determine the correct diameter for your set-up. NOTE: If your system has a square access hole please use the corresponding column.

  Your Access Hole
CRS Diameter Round (Diameter) Square (Side Length)
16 16" or less 11"x11" or less
20 20" or less 14"x14" or less
24 25" or less 18"x18" or less


Step 2: Choosing the height

The height is up to you. Most of our customer choose the height in order to bring the lid a few inches above ground level. However you can go taller or shorter if you wish.

Tuf-Tite Complete Riser System (CRS) - 16x14 Includes:

How To Install A Tuf-Tite Complete Riser System

To learn how to install a Tuf-Tite Complete Riser System on a concrete septic tank CLICK HERE.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tuff Tite
Attachment View File Tuf-Tite 16 TAR Size: (365.01 KB)
Attachment View File Tuf-Tite 16in Lid Size: (363.62 KB)
Attachment View File Tuf-Tite 16x6 Riser Size: (327.82 KB)
Attachment View File Tuf-Tite 16x12 Riser Size: (377.99 KB)
Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 27
Average rating : 4.7 /5
W. Wesley
  the 16/07/2023
1/ 5
Can I read it no received it
R. Shane
  the 02/08/2022
4/ 5
Easy to install, though probably would have been better to use a waterproof silicon caulking and not tried to drill and screw to septic tank top. It would also help if Tuf-Tite supplied a 4 inch riser section just to make their system a little more flexible height wise. The only other thing needed to improve the system would be that the four cover retaining screws have countersunk heads to match the cover.
A. Anonymous
  the 06/06/2021
5/ 5
Great product.
A. Anonymous
  the 05/05/2021
5/ 5
Very well made product, everything fit perfectly and was well designed and man. Well worth the money.
A. Anonymous
  the 29/04/2021
5/ 5
Easy to install. Looks good in the yard.

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