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Roebic K-47 - Cesspool Treatment - 1qt

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Roebic K-47 - Cesspool Treatment - 1qt
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If your septic system has a cesspool, then the cesspool acts as the primary receiving area for all household waste. Therefore, cesspools tend to be burdened with the same types of demands and problems that are commonly seen in septic tanks. However, the working environment is not the same. K-47 Cesspool Treatment has been formulated to promote the efficient and rapid breakdown of solids, under the unique conditions found in a cesspool. Less solids will result in reduced odors, less clogs and more efficient system operation.



For over 50 years Roebic has developed high quality products engineered for optimum performance targeting specific problems and troublesome areas within the septic system. Trust Roebic, The Septic Professionals, for all you septic and drain care needs.

K-47 Cesspool Treatment. Cesspools can be thrown out of balance when excessive water, harmful detergents or chemicals enter the system. This can cause backups, odors and drainage problems. With Roebic's patented bacteria K-47 restores the natural balance by promoting the efficient and rapid breakdown of solids. K-47 will keep your system open and operating efficiently.

The job of a cesspool is the same as that of a septic system, however, the conditions under which they work and their modes of action differ. The proper "cesspool" environment is high in oxygen compared to a septic system, therefore different bacteria are employed to do the job in this environment.
K-47 Cesspool Treatment

Easy Maintenance: Roebic K-47 Cesspool Treatment is a combination of spore bearing bacterial strains that work in the cesspool environment in a manner that will keep it operating properly. Consult the bottle for further directions.

If you have a sluggish or clogged cesspool Roebic K-57 Septic System Cleaner can help to remediate the situation and bring it back to its proper operating condition.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Roebic
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Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 5
Average rating : 4.6 /5
A. Anonymous
  the 13/10/2020
5/ 5
used for years
A. Anonymous
  the 12/06/2019
3/ 5
K47 is especially designed for the older Cesspool systems that my older house came with! Seems to break down waste adequately!
A. Anonymous
  the 25/05/2019
5/ 5
It's only been a week since using this product so I can't say how it works long term. I can say that I've havent noticed the odor coming from my drains anymore.
A. Anonymous
  the 23/05/2018
5/ 5
Very satisfied with this product.
A. Anonymous
  the 27/05/2016
5/ 5
It helps keep solids down to a minimum

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