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Roebic K-57 - Septic System Cleaner - Emergency Care - 1qt

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Roebic K-57 - Septic System Cleaner - Emergency Care - 1qt
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K-57 Septic System Cleaner is a powerful biological product which is formulated with our patented bacterial cultures. K-57 is powerful enough to act quickly in emergency situations where sluggish conditions, clogs, surface water accumulations, or back-ups have occurred.

Over the last 50 years, K-57 has "seen it all" regarding septic system problems and has restored countless systems to useful working order. If your system is giving you trouble, get Roebic K-57 and get it done!



For over 50 years Roebic has developed high quality products engineered for optimum performance targeting specific problems and troublesome areas within the septic system. Trust Roebic, The Septic Professionals, for all you septic and drain care needs.

K-57 Septic System Cleaner is used to correct systems that are overworked and sluggish. Made up of special bacteria, K-57 provides a concentrated attack on clogged areas relieving overloaded spetic tanks, cesspools and drainfields. K-57 will not damage drains, pipes, disposal systems or porcelain because it contains no corrosive materials.

Roebic K-57 Septic and Cesspool Cleaner is a select blend of bacteria that work hard on liquefying sewage waste that may be causing the sluggishness or the clog, thereby restoring the system back to its proper working condition. At the first sign of sluggishness immediately use Roebic K-57 Septic and Cesspool Cleaner. This product may be used as often as needed. Instructions for use may be found on the bottle label.

During the everyday operation of even a properly maintained septic system, small organic particles manage to get into the leachfield through the septic tank effluent. In the septic tank there is a structure called a baffle. The baffle acts to keep solids from entering the tank's effluent pipe which leads to the leachfield distribution box, however, the baffle cannot stop very small organic particles which are suspended in the liquid effluent. These almost microscopic particles are carried by the effluent past the baffle, and out into the leachfield.

  •     Prevents Clogging & Build-up In Septic Tanks and Leach Fields
  •     Treats a 500 gallon septic tank (If you have a 1000 gal. tank, order 2 bottles).
  •     Digests paper
  •     Safe for pipe and the environment
  •     made up of special bacteria
  •     provides attack on clogged areas
  •     non-volatile, non-corrosive, and non-flammable
  •     long shelf life
  •     economical to use
  •     safe and easy to use
  •     harmless to the environment

Q: What is the difference between the K-37 Septic Tank Treatment and the K-57 Septic System Cleaner?

A: The Roebic K-37 Septic Tank Treatment is used to treat the septic tank and is part of our Quarterly Maintenance Program. The K-57 Septic System Cleaner is our emergency care product that is to treat the system if it is running sluggish and may be showing signs of a backup.

Q: Can I use K-57 Septic System Cleaner instead of K-37 Septic Tank Treatment?

A: K-57 is the emergency care product to treat the entire system when you are experiencing a backup or a sluggish running system. We suggest using the K-57 to help get the system running properly then starting the Quarterly Maintenance Program which entails four Roebic products through out the year, K-37 Septic Tank Treatment, K-570 Leach and Drain Field Opener, Roebic K-87 Soap Grease Paper Digester, and Roebic K-97 Main Line Cleaner.

Q: How long after I treat with the K-57 Septic System Cleaner should I wait to apply the K-37 Septic Tank Treatment?

A: Depending on the condition of the system sometimes you may need to treat with the K-57 a couple of times. You should wait a period of about three to four weeks between treatments. If the system is running well after one treatment of the K-57 you can apply the K-37 the following month and is suggested to start the System Maintenance Program.

Q: Can I apply K-57 Septic System Cleaner to the Distribution Box to get it to the drain field faster?

A: If you have access to the Distribution Box you can apply the product there. However, the K-57 is formulated to treat the entire system from the house to the drain field. Applying the product in the toilet will allow you to get the full affect from the product and allow it to treat the entire system.

Q: Can I use K-57 Septic System Cleaner to treat my drain field if I can not locate the K-570 Leach and Drain Field Opener?

A: You can use the K-57 if you can not locate the K-570. However, the K-57 is our emergency care product and the Roebic K-570 is specifically formulated to treat the Leach/Drain Field.

Q: How much of K-57 Septic System Cleaner do I have to use for my system?

A: K-57 Septic System Cleaner is available in different sizes. The quart size will treat a 500 gallon system. The half gallon will treat a 1000 gallon system.




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Additional Information

Manufacturer Roebic
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A. Anonymous
  the 09/03/2021
5/ 5
A. Anonymous
  the 24/04/2020
5/ 5
I have been using this for several years and it appears to be doing the job.
A. Anonymous
  the 16/05/2019
5/ 5
nice product every system needs help & this is it
A. Anonymous
  the 12/03/2019
4/ 5
Have not used yet
A. Anonymous
  the 18/02/2017
5/ 5
Great product. Since I started using it, my septic system has been working great.

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